Current Exhibition:
Bewitching IV

Upcoming Exhibitions


January: (MAIN ROOM) Brandt Peters x Ferg: TRIGGER II - January: 10 – February 2
February: (MAIN ROOM) Phil Noto / (PROJECT ROOM) Jim Mahfood : February: 7 – March 2
March: (MAIN ROOM) Tim Lee, Joe Scarano and Robert Hoggard: March 7 – 30
April: Andrew Bell (MAIN ROOM) / (Project Room) Bwana Spoons x Martin Ontiveros
May: Conjuring Mischief: A Custom Skelve Show
June: (MAIN ROOM) Carisa Swenson, Allison Sommers, Kelly Denato, Michele Lynch / (PROJECT ROOM) Katie Carillo
July: Cotton Candy Machine
August: SIDESHOW (Curated by Kathie Olivas) circus group exhibition | Leecifer / REAL LIVE: 08/01/14 - 09/02/14
September: UNSEEN FORCES: Chris Ryniak , Amanda Spayd
October: Bewitching IV
November: MUTANT VINYL HARDCORE presents NIGHTMARE FUEL: An International Sofubi Group Exhibition
December: Winter Salon IV / (PROJECT ROOM) John Paul Guiterrez


January: (MAIN ROOM) Phil Noto: January 2nd - February 1st
February: (MAIN ROOM) PEEPSHOW: a group exhibition of Pin Up Artists - February 6th - March 1st
March: (MAIN ROOM) Shing Yin Khor x Leslie Levings: DUBIOUS BEASTS III - March 6th - March 29th
April: (MAIN ROOM) Chris Ryniak X Amanda Louise Spayd - April 3rd - April 26th
May: (MAIN ROOM) Joseph Scarano x Scribe: May 1st - May 31st
June: (MAIN ROOM) June 5th - June 28th
October: Bewitching V
December: Winter Salon V


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